Retargeting by Textmining

What is retargeting by textmining?

Retargeting by textmining is used to match advertisements seamlessly to customer needs. Until now, the use of an advertisement was mainly based on data obtained from online click behaviour, and companies are now increasingly using a chat for this purpose. This not only provides customer information, but you also know exactly what your target group of your company or services is looking for. This is because our LiveChat generates large amounts of customer information that can then be usefully used when using suitable ads.

For retargeting by textmining, chat conversations with your customer are analyzed. This not only ensures that the ads become much more personal, but also significantly increases the chance of conversions. Responding to customer needs with advertisements ensures that your company or product comes back into the customer’s mind. These personal ads ensure that you trigger the customer again and they will make a faster purchase.

Retargeting by textmining: how does it work?

Retargeting by textmining makes it possible to determine which keywords you want to analyze. For example, a company that offers office workstations can set the following keywords: self-employed, multinational or flexible workplace. As soon as one of these words appears in a chat, our system picks it up. All the information we receive about these topics in the chat sessions is then bundled together, and ultimately used to provide your target group with an advertisement as personal as possible.

The keywords set up ensure that we can retarget the visitor very specifically. As soon as the visitor lands on another website, a banner can be shown that is specially adapted to one of these subjects. A person who has indicated in a chat interview that they are self-employed and would like to use a flexible workplace. An advertisement will be offered  where a flexible workplace for self-employed people is shown. Precisely because the customer has just been working on this through a personal approach, the banner will stand out. Offering a chat function also contributes to customer loyalty, which can ultimately ensure loyal and committed customers.

Why LiveChat Service?

LiveChat Service has fully specialized in customer contact and optimization. The purpose of LiveChat Service is therefore to help both the customer and the company through a personal approach. We give the website visitor the opportunity to ask questions directly to your company via a chat function and complaints and comments can be taken up and corrected immediately. Something that is extremely important nowadays in this fast-paced world. Failure to pick up a complaint can result in a considerable dent in your image.

 Use chat as a data source for more effective retargeting!

Use chat as a data source for more effective retargeting!