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The right service provision for every device

Live chat distinguishes itself from other customer contact forms by offering website visitors contact via computer, tablet and telephone. Visitors can also ask questions while surfing. There is therefore no need to use contact options outside the website such as a telephone or e-mail. Delivering this service via your website will give visitors an easy, anonymous and user-friendly way to ask questions. Not only will customer satisfaction increase, but your contact with potential customers will also increase.

Raise customer service to a higher level

As a customer contact tool, live chat is not only part of customer service, but also a means to revitalize your customer service. Studies of[24]7, eDigital Research and Forrester have shown that live chat as a customer contact tool is best rated. Especially millennials (<35 years) are very positive. This is a positive fact for the future, because this group of consumers is only increasing compared to older groups.

Live chat for more customer loyalty

Live chat is not a replacement of telephone service or mail but an addition to the current customer contact tools. Features of live chat such as easy accessibility and ease of use will increase customer contact. More intensive contact with the customer, which is valued positively, naturally leads to more bonding. This way, it also works with friends with whom you have a lot of contact, which are generally your best friends. Live chat creates opportunities for friendships, because positive contact will lead to return purchase. This results in a mutual relationship in which customers will also help you. Problems with the website, tips and compliments will be reported via the chat.

Questions are not created on command

The strength and value of customer service is communication, two-way communication, enabling both parties to understand each other better. However, companies often only communicate via the website, newsletter and social media. Do you really want to know what the wishes of potential customers are? Please do not only list your company vision, products and services, but listen when the customer has a question.

Live chat enables website visitors to contact you in an easily accessible way. Many companies conduct telephone research or carry out surveys to identify the wishes and needs of the target group. However, questions and remarks are not created on command. Questions arise when one is looking for information. That’s why you used to have to study the material for lessons at school. Give customers a platform where they can take the decision and control it themselves.

Accessible from 09:00-23:00, also on weekends!

In contrast to telephone service and e-mail, it is possible for website visitors with live chat to contact outside office hours. Depending on the amount of traffic generated by your website outside office hours, you can also choose to do this. Our customers see that 37.5% of the chats arrive outside office hours. An important fact is that according to Boldchat’s research, visitors who chat are 4.5 times more valuable than visitors who do not chat. In short, with chat services from 09:00-23:00 7 days a week, you deliver a broad service that is also valuable for your own organization.

Livechat: More than just a <strong>  contact channel </strong>

Livechat: More than just a contact channel