More LiveChat Mail

Additional possibilities with your outgoing emails

Until now, email campaigns have been used to approach current and potential customers in a “personal” way, because it is an effective means of customer contact. The aim is to click on a link in the email. This brings you to a specific landing page, where the customer would then have to convert by themselves. In practice, however, potential customers often ask questions or want more information to convert first.

Create as much contact as possible

LiveChat mail ensures that the customer can start a live chat directly from an e-mail to ask questions. This way, the customer is immediately helped in a conversation with a live chat operator. This prevents the customer from giving up due to a lack of, or inability to find, the correct information. If the customer prefers a personal phone call. The the chat operator can take immediate action.

More effective email campaigns

This direct help supports customers in their decision making, which makes them convert sooner. LiveChat mail causes an explosive increase in the conversion rate of your email campaigns and website visits!

Livechat: More than just a <strong>  contact channel </strong>

Livechat: More than just a contact channel