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Customer contact based on more leads

Live chat is an optimal way to generate leads. Whereas website visitors rarely leave data in a contact form, people in chat conversations are often willing to leave data behind. This is because visitors who chat are helped with a problem. On the other side of the conversation is a chat operator who thinks along with the customer, then looks for and gives the best possible answer. This increases the willingness to leave contact details. In addition, a barrier has been broken for first contact situations. Reciprocity here is the keyword, Robert Cialdini described this phenomenon in his book “Influence”: I do something for you, you do something for me.

Do you sell a complex product? Generate leads

When you sell a complex product, it is valuable to get in touch with your potential customers. You can generate a lot of traffic but not the desired result. One way to get in touch with interested website visitors easier is by contacting them via live chat. Live chat is very accessible. This first form of contact creates a bond of trust. People get the opportunity to ask questions about the products and services you offer. This conversation creates the opportunity to offer additional advice and help from an expert within the company. The visitor is shown that the person behind the chat accompanies them and offers complete help. In this way, the visitor provides information earlier, with the result that both parties have been helped.

Never sell a no with live chat

Your potential customers can ask a wide range of questions. Every consumer is different in what triggers them when purchasing a product or service. The versatility of these questions can make it difficult to help everyone. Where telephone contact at times often leads to long conversations, a lot of call forwarding and possibly no answer to the question or questions, you never sell a no with live chat. If the chat operator is unable to answer a question directly, the chat operator will ask the visitor for contact information so that another employee can contact at another time to answer the question and answer further questions. The website visitor gets a quick reaction and immediately knows where it stands. The possibility for the company to target a potential customer.

On average 25% of your chats turn into leads

In recent years, we have conducted millions of chats for our customers from a wide range of industries. Based on all these chats we can conclude that on average 25 percent of the chats result in a lead. This percentage depends on the industry because with some customers 40% of the chats convert into a strong lead. Especially when you sell products or services of great value, a few good leads can already be of great value.

Livechat: More than just a <strong>  contact channel </strong>

Livechat: More than just a contact channel