Make Your Customers Fall in Love with Your Business

  • Fabian Schotel
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  • Feb 14, 2020
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It’s February – the month of love. Most of the people are excited about Valentine’s Day. They are all about hearts, candies, flowers and love. It is the day when all the couples celebrate their love. They give each other presents and love cards. Everything is sweet and everybody is in love.

Love is not something that is just for couples. You can feel love for absolutely anything. You can show and give love to anyone and anything. You can do that even from a distance. The important thing is to care about people that are around us at this point of our lives and to cherish them today, every day. Do things to make sure they feel appreciated and loved.

Same things apply to your customers. They would all love to feel appreciated and significant. Even if you are talking to them online, you can still do things to make them feel like this. Remember what the program Rama Kandra from The Matrix said when Neo was surprised he’s talking about love? – “It is a word. What matters is the connection the word implies.” Why don’t we focus on that connection, even if we’re far away? If programs can do that, so can we.

As this holiday is coming, your customers will be coming to you for ideas and products with which to show their love for their partners. So why not make them feel special, while they are doing the same for the important people in their lives? An effective way to make your customers feel appreciated and like they’re receiving a personal service, is by facilitating easy and quick contact when they are interested in what you have to offer.

1. Put a smile on your face and simply say “Hi!”

Greeting the customer has always been one of the most important things to do in order to make a good impression. Every one of us feels much better when we walk into a store and the shop assistant smiles and says ‘hi’ to us. This makes us feel more important. If you walk into a store and nobody even notices you’re there, you might feel as if you are not supposed to be there at all. This can make you leave, because you feel unwanted, even though there might be some good products and prices there.

The same applies to online customer service. You always need to greet the customers in the most positive way. Saying simple phrases like “Hi”, “Good morning” etc. can make a big difference in how the conversation will go on. Since it is online, the conversation may feel a bit distant. Depending on your type of company, adding a smiley face to your greetings can also contribute to the positive vibe. So go ahead, put a smile on your face and greet your customers.

2. My name – pleasure for my ears

One of the most important things about each one of us is our names. This is the greatest connection to our identity. People love hearing their names and it makes a really good impression when some have remembered their name correctly. If you use the customer’s name in your conversation with them, they will feel much more valued.

It is not always possible to know your customers’ names, especially if you don’t have a form they need to fill in prior to starting a chat session. It happens sometimes, however, that the customer tells you their name. Be happy about that and don’t miss out on the opportunity to use it. You can use their name in any kind of phrase – “Let me check this for you, John!”, “Thank you for your cooperation, Laura!”; “Have a nice day, Adam!” etc. Customers will feel important as they experience the service they get as more personal. 

3. Time is precious – value it

People are almost always short on time. They are in a hurry; they want to have the information they need as soon as possible. They don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for something or dealing with an issue they are facing. They just want to have the solution right away.

Dealing with customers’ queries as fast as possible is crucial. If you reply fast and if you keep them busy asking additional questions while checking the issue, they won’t feel like you are stealing their time. They might actually feel like time flies while talking to you. Finding the right solution for them quickly will impress them most of the time. They will know you appreciate their time and you want to help them fast. It is like their query is the only thing that exists in the world. For them, it is like that and they would like to know you feel the same. Time is precious for all of us; make sure your customers know you value their time.

4. We’re All Humans After All

Having a distant (online) conversation with a customer can make you forget that you are still talking to a person. As a chat operator, it is very easy to start accepting the messages visitors are sending you as repetitive. You’re becoming a robot and customers start feeling like they are talking to a robot.

In order to avoid this, it is important to stay aware that you are still talking to human beings. They came to you for your help, they need you. To make them feel special, break the little canned responses you already have. Add something from yourself, walk that extra mile to make your customer feel like a real person is listening to them. They will feel better knowing there is someone who can actually understand them. We are all made of emotions. Since you are human and not a robot, you’re there to recognize these emotions and act accordingly.

Be there for your customers, listen to what their issue is, what they need help with. Read their messages carefully and do your best to help them in the best possible way. Put yourself in their position and make them know you really understand them. In that way, they will definitely feel it and they will never wonder if you are a robot or a real person.

5. When Something Goes Wrong

It can occur that customers are unsatisfied. They might have a complaint, something might have gone wrong. They come to you for help and they expect you to give them your attention. And so you should. Handling such cases with understanding and responsibility is a must.

Customers can be angry, they can be very frustrated and also very rude. Still, you need to remain calm and show them that you really want to help them. Make sure to show compassion and understanding. If you are not able to help the customer on the spot, you need to let them know you take their case seriously and that you are working on fixing it as soon as possible.

If you react to a complaint in a proper way, customers will be satisfied, even if they are facing troubles using your services. They all know it is normal and possible for things to go wrong sometimes. If you handle the matter correctly, they will feel proud of being your customer.

6. It Is My Opinion That Will Help

There’s nothing like good feedback. Knowing what your customers like about you and your products and services is great. However, complaints and recommendations about what you offer and your service is just as valuable. It’s this type of feedback that can be used to optimize your business. More specifically, your website, the products and services you offer, and which customer service employees perform well and which don’t. 

Having all this feedback written down in text is so much more valuable than receiving vocal customer feedback. It allows you to re-read and forward the feedback received. By implementing this feedback in a proper way will get back to your customers. They will feel like you listened to them, making them feel like they matter.

7. The Magical Words

The magical words we’re all learning to use since we were babies – thank you.  It shows gratitude and appreciation. It acknowledges the other person’s value and humanity.

You can always find a reason to thank your customers. It can be for their feedback, their understanding, patience or simply their time. Make sure to express your gratitude every time you have the opportunity to do so. Show them you are thankful for using your products and services, their feedback or just being interested in what you have to offer. Whatever it is, just say “Thank you!” Let the words do their magic!

Let Them Fall In Love

Taking care of your customers is a crucial thing. It’s as important to you as to them. So go ahead – walk that extra mile, make your customers fall in love with you. Let them fall in love with your business. Make them talk about you with passion and appreciation. Make them want to always come back to you, to always choose you. Once you’ve done all that, you can go and buy some heart-shaped candies, to make sure the people around you know you care about them too. 

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