Outsourcing Livechat

With live chat, we offer your website visitors the opportunity to ask questions or make comments in a convenient way while browsing. The communication barriers are reduced, in this way contact is aimed at solely interested visitors. This results in more conversion, more leads and a reduction of incoming mail and telephone traffic. Adequate information provision also leads to an increase in customer satisfaction.

What we offer

1. Livechat is the best way to convert website visitors.

  • Research by Boldchat from 2015 shows that visitors who chat convert 2.8 times faster than visitors who don’t. This confirms the logic that visitors whose questions are answered experience fewer obstacles, and thus convert quicker. Just as when visiting a physical store, when help is around the possibility of a successful sale becomes more significant.

2. Generate leads by providing visitors with the required information quickly and adequately.

  • Live chat is a great tool for generating leads because visitors are helped quickly and effeciently with any questions they may have. Because of this, the chat operator creates a form of reciprocity with the website visitor. As a result, visitors are more willing to leave their contact details than when simply presented with a contact form.

3. Reduce incoming telephone and mail traffic with livechat.

  • Many organizations are called or emailed flat out with first and second line questions. As a result, employees have less time left for other work. Since consumers often visit the website first, this is the most logical place to accommodate potential customers. This can be done by keeping the website up to date and informing visitors correctly. But often the need for contact is present. Then the phone is picked up, or an e-mail is written. Livechat offers a solution in such situations because it is the first and easiest way to get in touch. With the use of live chat, many first and second lines are taken from the telephone operators. This ensures that the sales department has more time for sales.

4. Offer your website visitors the possibility of contact from 09:00 to 23:00, also on weekends.

  • A major advantage of livechat compared to many other customer contact means is the accessibility outside office hours. Many visitors visit your website only in the evening or on weekends. Livechat offers the possibility to provide these website visitors with easily accessible contact. The average percentage of chats outside office hours with us is 37.5%. A significant number that can result in a large increase in conversion and leads.

5. With live chat you can offer contact through the channel where visitors are most active.

  • Livechat is a functionality that can be used on the website where your visitors are active. Moreover, the chat is anonymous and easy to use making it very accessible. Research by Boldchat shows that visitors who chat are 4.5 times more valuable than visitors who do not chat. The low barrier results in more potential customers who deliver more.

6. Get real-time insights from customers and visitors without having to conduct research yourself.

  • Depending on the number of website visitors, you get dozens or hundreds of chats every day with live chat. These are all potential customers with a question, comment or complaint. Information that companies would normally use surveys or other forms of research to collect. Via the live chat you get this information free of charge without having to do anything for it.

7. Livechat has the highest customer satisfaction of all customer contact means.

  • New research by[24]7 indicates that millennials (born between 1980 and 2000) embrace chatbot and livechat. The group that makes the most use and is satisfied with live chat is 18-35 years old. Earlier research by eDigital Research also indicated that livechat is rated the best of all customer contacts. [24]7 indicates that because of the large number of millennials shopping online, the preference for chatbot and livechat is increasing and telephone contact is becoming outdated. Given that the amount of millennials is growing compared to older groups, the need for contact via chat services will increase even more. In addition, Forrester’s research indicates that 44% of online consumers see livechat as the most important function on a website.

8. Livechat outsourcing is cheaper than hiring new personnel to staff the chat.

  • Organizations can see handing over customer communication as a barrier. Organizations therefore choose to have their own employees staff the chat. However, there is a danger that an in house chat operator may not focus sufficiently on the chats as they have other tasks, chatting may not be a priority.  Even websites with little traffic can get into trouble at peak times of the chat. In order not to outsource the chat, organizations sometimes consider hiring additional staff. However, this is much more expensive than outsourcing chat. Outsource more about this in the whitepaper livechat. Find out more about this in the Live Chat outsourcing white paper.


Do you want more information about outsourcing livechat? Download our “Live Chat outsourcing whitepaper”.


Livechat: More than just a <strong>  contact channel </strong>

Livechat: More than just a contact channel