LiveChat for Real Estate Agents

Now that the housing market is picking up again, the competition within the real estate sector is also increasing enormously. Therefore, it’s important that you stand out. To achieve this, it is not only the supply of houses on your site that is required, but also the ability to distinguish yourself. A new trend has to do with the accessibility of the real estate agent. Viewing houses, for example, is no longer limited to working hours, but can also take place in the evening or at the weekend.

This trend also continues online. Orienting yourself on a new home is a search that generally takes place in people’s free time. Because the search for a home is increasingly taking place online, any questions will also be asked on the Internet. A live chat function ensures that people get their questions answered even after hours.

Advantages of Livechat for the real estate sector

Using Livechat for the real estate industry has quite a few advantages. The most important one is that the visitor can approach you at any time with his or her questions. By using well-trained chat operators, the customer not only gets a good answer, but leads are generated at the same time. In addition, offering a chat feature increases sales and reduces costs. A chat operator can handle multiple calls at once, while a telephone operator can only handle one call at a time. In addition, it is much easier to quickly click open a chat than to pick up the phone.

Livechat in the real-estate sector