LiveChat for Real Estate Agents

Now that the housing market is picking up again, competition within the brokerage sector is also increasing enormously. In total, more than 196,000 homes changed hands in the period from July 2015 to June 2017 in the Netherlands. Further growth is expected in the owner-occupier market in 2017. It is therefore important in the real estate sector that you stand out from the crowd. To achieve this, it is not only the supply of houses on your site that is a requirement, but also the ability to stand out from the crowd is also extremely important.

Being distinctive in the brokerage industry by Livechat

To stand out from the crowd in the market, it is becoming increasingly important to distinguish yourself from the competition. Real estate agents do this by expanding their services with, among other things, advice on locations, energy consumption, architectural research or renovation possibilities. A new trend that has been set in motion relates to the accessibility of the real estate agent. Visiting houses, for example, is no longer limited to working hours, but can also be done in the evening or at weekends.

This trend is also set to continue online. Orienting oneself about a new home is a search that generally takes place in people’s leisure time. It has to be considered calmly and it will not be possible to do during working hours. We see that many people go looking during the evening hours or at weekends. Because the search for a house takes place more and more online, questions could also be asked on the internet. A Livechat function ensures that people get answers to their questions even after closing hours and do not have to search for answers elsewhere.

Advantages of Livechat for the real estate sector

The use of Livechat for the real estate sector has quite a few advantages. The most important thing is that the visitor can contact you at any moment with their questions. By deploying well-trained chat operators, the customer not only gets a good answer, but leads are also generated at the same time. In addition, offering a chat feature increases your revenue and reduces your costs. A chat operator can conduct several conversations at once, while a telephone operator can only handle one call at a time. It’s much easier to quickly open a chat than to pick up the phone.


Livechat in the real-estate sector