How to convert consumers through a website

About ten years ago, the housing market collapsed enormously. Not only did consumer confidence fall to a low point, but house prices also plummeted. This has changed since 2013. The housing market is picking up again and over the next few years as many as 200,000 new-build homes will be built. This offer also means that there will be many new potential consumers. Of course, you would like to give these consumers a good response. Live chat offers a solution to this problem.

Livechat and the new-build market

Now that the housing market is picking up again, there will also be more traffic to relevant websites. These visitors are looking for a property and will therefore need contact options and answers to their questions. Live chat is by far the easiest way to handle a substantial growth in customer contact. Chat operators can help multiple customers at the same time, making livechat not only very efficient, but you are also able to provide extra customer contact. This is in contrast to a telephone operator, who can only handle one call at a time.

It is striking that many of the same questions are being asked. This is a good thing, because it makes it even easier to give a quick answer. Many of these questions can be answered in a pre-programmed way. This will greatly increase productivity and reduce inbound phone calls and emails. This will save both the consumer and your employees a lot of time.

The housing market: generate more leads and conversions with live chat

You can generate a lot of traffic to your website, but this does not necessarily mean that it will deliver the desired result. A conversion is much more than just a visit to a website. Livechat is a way to get in touch with your visitors more easily and to actively approach them. A chat is very easily accessible and will create a relationship of trust. People not only get the opportunity to ask questions about the housing market, this is also an extra opportunity for you to create goodwill. When people are given good customer service, they are much more likely to leave contact details behind.

Various studies have shown that the conversion of a website can be tripled by means of live chat. By creating contact with a website visitor, you can guide the visitor through the selection process and provide them with all the necessary information. The customer likes the fact that they are answered immediately and this personal approach ensures that the customer is will be prepared to proceed to a conversion.

Livechat in the new-build sector