Online car sales via chat

The automotive sector plays an important role in the global economy and is seen as very capital and labour intensive.  This sector is not only a majoy play because of its turnover, also in the field of online advertising you can not ignore the automotive industry. The big question, however, is whether these advertisements do lead to conversions and extra turnover. When you choose the combination of live chat and automotive, not only will customer satisfaction increase, but your conversions will also go up.

Orienting oneself towards a new car is mainly done online. However, a car is not bought just like that and is a big expense. Consumers therefore think a lot about this and talk a lot about it. This orientation phase will also raise many questions. Answers to these questions can be found on external sites, but you can also tackle them yourself in the orientation phase. The website visitor can therefore stay on your site and the contact with the customer can provide a lead and ultimately even a conversion.

Automotive sector: livechat offers distinctive capability

There is a great deal of competition, certainly in the automotive sector. It is therefore extremely important that your company distinguishes itself from its competitors and provides added value. Livechat is a good example of the distinctive character that many customers need. A survey by Forrester Research even indicates that 44% of online customers need a live chat feature. It would be a shame not to serve these customers.

In contrast to e-mails and telephone calls, a chat conversation requires little effort and questions are answered almost immediately. Making a phone call is often a barrier that many people don’t like. An e-mail, on the other hand, is written more quickly, but the big disadvantage of this is that it takes a long time to get an answer. Livechat is not only fast and easily accessible, it also increases the chance that interested parties will contact you quicker and therefore remain interested.

The chat operators of LiveChat Service receive various training courses, so you can always assume that they have the necessary expertise to talk to your visitors. They will not only focus on conversion and service, but also on lead generation. When visitors are helped quickly and adequately, they are more willing to share contact details. This is something you can take advantage of. Our experience has taught us that about 20 to 25 percent of all chat conversations arrive to a lead. Not all of the leads are useful, but certainly in the automotive industry, a few good leads can make a difference.

LiveChat in the automotive sector