Online car sales via chat

The automotive industry plays an important role in the global economy, and is seen as very capital- and labor-intensive. Not only is the automotive industry a major player in terms of sales, but also in terms of online advertising. The question is, however, whether these advertisements will lead to conversions and additional sales. If you opt for the combination of live chat and automotive, not only will customer satisfaction increase, but so will your conversions.

Orienting yourself on a new car is mainly done online. However, a car is not an easy purchase and is a significant expense. Consumers think about it and talk about it a lot. This orientation phase will also bring many questions. The answers to these questions are best tackled in the orientation phase itself. The website visitor can then stay on your site and the contact with the customer can provide a lead and ultimately even a conversion.

Automotive sector: livechat offers distinctive capability

There is, especially in the automotive industry, a lot of competition. It is therefore extremely important that your company distinguishes itself from the competition and provides added value. Livechat is a good example of a distinctive capacity that many customers need.

The chat operators of LiveChat Service receive various training courses, so you can always assume that they have the necessary expertise to speak to your visitors. They will not only focus on conversion and service, but also on lead generation. When visitors are helped quickly and adequately, they are more willing to share contact details.

Livechat in the Automotive