LiveChat Service becomes Conversation24

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  • Aug 20, 2020
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Driven by the rapid international developments in the field of conversational commerce, LiveChat Service has decided to bring together its products and services under the name Conversation24. In doing so, it emphasizes the international ambition of its platform.

Total solution

The communication platform (CPaaS) of LiveChat Service now connects all important contact channels. In addition to providing chat agents, communicating via webchat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and email is possible from one platform. There will also be a possibility to pay without leaving the preferred communication channel. In order to do this as well as possible, various partnerships have been made with international technology providers who are leading in their own markets and thus guarantee the provision of a true total solution.

All-round and international

In the future, Conversation24 will continue to expand its platform with new channels and functionalities. The name LiveChat Service will certainly continue to be used for our chat services, but it no longer covers the entire concept. Therefore, the versatile and more international look of Conversation24 fits well with who we want to be, a total provider in the field of conversational commerce’, says Nick Blom, CEO of LiveChat Service.

About Conversation24

Conversation24 is a leading Conversational Service Provider. We see conversations as the foundation of modern customer-oriented entrepreneurship. Our solutions and services reduce barriers and enable valuable dialogues between customer and organization. This will build strong customer relationships in the long term. In this rapidly changing world full of interaction, Conversation24 offers versatile products that connect, unburden and facilitate growth.

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