More visitors, more questions

Leasing cars is becoming increasingly popular. Out of the half a million new cars sold in the Netherlands each year, 30% are purchased by lease companies. In the case of delivery vans, the figure is as high as 40%. This means that not only is demand increasing, but competition is also increasing. A good way to cope with rising demand and to address potential customers already in the orientation phase is to use live chat.

Leasing companies and live chat

A lease product is a product that can raise many questions. It is therefore important to offer the information on your site as clearly and transparently as possible. For example the following question: What is the difference between private lease, operational lease and financial lease? Many people do not know the answer, which makes it increasingly difficult to choose a lease car. If the visitor is unable to find the right information, they will soon go to another site. As a result, you have lost the visitor and you miss out on a conversion.

You can prevent this by bringing live chat jump into the picture. A simple greeting like: ‘Good afternoon, what can I help you with? can turn a visitor into a converting customer. This is not the only thing you can use a chat for. The chat is also often used by lease companies as confirmation. For example, questions such as ‘Is it true that I am allowed to drive x number of kilometres per year’ and ‘Is the road tax also included in the lease price? Experience has taught us that many people ask the same kind of questions. By pre-programming the answer to this question, visitors get quick and clear answers to their questions. A quick response increases the customer experience of the visitor, which increases the chance of a conversion.

As a leasing company, get more customer contact through live chat

Orienting oneself about a (new) lease car is mainly done online. It is therefore important that you are able to accompany the visitors at the beginning of the customer journey. This not only allows you to build a customer relationship directly, you also offer your visitors a means of communication on the website where they already are. It is precisely this combination of searching for information and contacting the leasing company that makes everything easier and quicker for the visitor.

The search for a suitable lease car is something that people do especially in their spare time. It is, after all, a choice that needs to be considered carefully. Many people do this in the evening and at weekends. Being there for the visitor at times like these increases the chance of conversion and connects potential customers to your business. More customer contact provides more opportunity for conversion. Boldchat research shows that visitors who use a chat convert 2.8 times faster than visitors who don’t chat.


Live chat and lease cars