Less Telephone Service

Reduce costs of telephone service, but increase sales!

Live chat is not only a response to improving sales and service, but also reduces the pressure on other contact channels. Because many first-line and second line questions are met by the chat, fewer phone calls and e-mails are received. As soon as the back office is overloaded, live chat can relieve this. In addition, the sales department has more time for its actual business: selling!

Efficient with more customer contact

Live chat is easily accessible, anonymous, available outside office hours, easy to use on the platform one is using. Features that will lead to more customer contact. Not what you are looking for when the incoming telephone and mail traffic needs to be reduced. But live chat is a different form of customer contact than telephone and e-mail. Chat operators can do multiple chats at the same time and work with pre-programmed answers for the most frequently asked questions. It is also possible to refer visitors to the right page, which facilitates interaction and handling of the contact.

Orientation starts online

The orientation of today’s consumer starts online. Not surprising as companies and organizations prefer to refer potential customers to the website. It is the easiest place to provide large amounts of information to the target group. The most logical place to help your potential customers with questions and comments is the website. However, the majority of companies remain largely focused on telephone service and mail. By using live chat, you not only improve the efficiency of your customer contact, you also provide visitors with an easier option to contact.

Offering a live chat channel on your website and the fact that contact through live chat is very easy to access will increase your customer contact. At first, this sounds contradictory because you want less telephone contact. But as indicated, contact via live chat is more efficient. We give companies the opportunity to outsource live chat. We are experts in the field of contact through live chat and are cheaper than hiring additional personnel to staff the live chat. This way, you will make it easier for your potential customers to contact you, the pressure at your back office will be reduced and your contact will be received via live chat by experts at a competitive price.

More sales and less costs!

With live chat you create more contact with interested visitors. Adequate information exchange with visitors will result in more conversion and leads. In addition, the costs per interaction are lower because of the efficiency of a chat operator versus a telephone operator. With live chat, you create more contact for less.

Livechat: More than just a <strong>  contact channel </strong>

Livechat: More than just a contact channel