Less Telephone Service

Live chat is a response to improving sales and service. But it also reduces the pressure on other contact channels. Because many questions are now going through the chat, fewer phone calls and e-mails are received. 

Live chat is easily accessible and anonymous. It’s also available outside office hours, and easy to use on the platform the customer is using. Live chat is a different form of customer contact than telephone and e-mail. Chat operators can do multiple chats at the same time. They also work with pre-programmed answers for the most frequently asked questions.

Orientation starts online

The orientation of today’s consumer starts online. It is the easiest place to find the information you need. The most logical place to help your potential customers with questions, would also be the website. However, the majority of companies remain largely focused on telephone and mail. By using live chat as an accessible contact channel, your customer contact will increase. Ultimately, this will also result in more conversions and leads.

Live Chat uitbesteden

LiveChat Service gives companies the opportunity to outsource live chat. We are experts in communicating through live chat. In addition, it costs less than if you had to hire additional staff to handle the chat for you. If you are interested, just contact our sales and ask about the possibilities for your company.

Livechat: More than just a <strong>  contact channel </strong>

Livechat: More than just a contact channel