LiveChat Service presents Retargeting by textmining

  • Fabian Schotel
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  • Mar 19, 2018
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LiveChat Service is announcing a new groundbreaking development: Retargeting by textmining. We all know how consumers can see advertisements based on online click behaviour. When a consumer visits a winter sports website searching for ski goggles and later on goes on Facebook, they the same ski goggles appear in their Facebook timeline. This is no coincidence, but targeting based on online click behaviour. Retargeting by textmining is a new way of showing consumers advertisements based on the information they have given in a chat conversation. With a database of more than hundreds of thousands of chats, LiveChat Service has the ability to show chat users very specific and current ads.


Retargeting by textmining is more reliable than online click behaviour because it uses written information from the customer. Nick Blom founder and CEO of LiveChat Service: “Targeting based on online click behaviour is less accurate, because consumers may have clicked on the wrong link or may not have seriously considered buying the product. In almost three years LiveChat Service has built up a very large chat database that is full of specific customer information. Retargeting by textmining is an innovative way to make good use of new customer information.


But how does it work exactly? Nick Blom: “A customer starts a chat with, for example with a leasing company and asks for information about a Mercedes Vito with 40,000 km. Keywords are taken out of the chat and merged into a label; label ‘Mercedes Vito 40,000 km. This label is then linked to a specific advertisement, which allows customers to see personalised advertisements with more relevance. A disadvantage of online click behaviour is that potential customers may have viewed a large number of cars with different mileage. As a result, there is a small chance that the advertisement will show exactly the Mercedes Vito with 40,000 km. With Retargeting by textmining, this will certainty happen.


It might seem like a small difference between clicking on a certain link or saying it in a chat conversation. Yet companies are actually measuring something else. People click on a large number of links, while in a chat conversation they only indicate what they really want.

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