Initiative ‘KeepYourShopAssistantWorking’ helps retailers with online sales for free

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  • Mar 26, 2020
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Entrepreneur Nick Blom launches the ‘KeepYourshopAssistantWorking’ campaign to help retailers keep their store staff at work. Blom provides retailers with free chat software for three months, so they can proactively help and guide customers through the online purchasing process with live chat.

Over the past 5 years, entrepreneur Nick Blom has developed special chat software from his company LiveChat Service, which enables employees to answer online questions from website visitors quickly and easily. The chat software can be added and used for free within minutes. The offer is still valid for 3 months, but CEO Nick Blom is keeping a close eye on the future: ‘Of course we can’t predict the future, so we don’t yet know how long it will take retailers to get through this Corona crisis. Retailers can sign up via to proactively get started with their online store.

Moving ‘Shop Assistants’ to the online store

As a result of the measures taken against the spread of the coronavirus, more and more shops are forced to close down. Now that thousands of store employees are forced to sit at home, many retailers are in danger of losing contact with their customers and the associated turnover. Entrepreneur Nick Blom, CEO of LiveChat Service, has the solution. “Move the ‘shop assistant’ with you to the webshop. In this way, you ensure that your sales staff proactively enter into conversation with potential customers and visitors to your webshop. With live chat you can create your own digital shop girl and increase the turnover of webshops”. Due to the closure of companies, many website visitors are often only able to ask their questions by e-mail or telephone. This puts extra pressure on customer service departments, which themselves sometimes suffer from understaffing due to illness or homeworking. Live chatting with customers increases the conversion of webshops and can be done from any location. The employee can chat with the online customer from home.

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