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We like to spread our knowledge about the important aspects of live chat. This knowledge is drawn from the hundreds of thousands of chats we have had so far. We spread our knowledge in the form of whitepapers, among other things. The whitepapers we write are aimed at the general topics about livechat. In addition, whitepapers have been written for industries that are well represented in our customer base. We can tell a lot about this and explain why we can help these industries so well.


In the whitepapers we convey a general message, among other things, about how live chat influences the conversion on your website. In addition, we compare the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing with the risks of chatting with your own operators. And we make a comparison between livechat and the automated version chatbot.

Conversion Conversion

Companies invest in more traffic to their website, but what happens next? Do people get answers to their questions? With livechat, you start a conversation with these potential customers, increasing your conversion rate.

Outsourcing Livechat Outsourcing Livechat

Many people wonder, “Why should I outsource the chat when I already have all the knowledge? Your chat will be staffed by trained staff from 09:00-23:00 7 days a week. Self chatting involves a lot of risk and is more expensive when extra staff is needed.

E-Commerce E-Commerce

In an increasingly competitive and globalizing world, it is becoming more difficult for e-commerce companies to stand out from the crowd. Being distinctive based on price, innovation and quality are becoming less effective

With livechat we focus on every industry! Any organisation or company with a website can benefit from using live chat. Here, then, we are not drawing any boundaries. However, there are a number of sectors that are better represented within our customer base. Why these industries fit in so well with livechat is explained in detail in the whitepapers.