The use of Chatbanners is a response to the growing need of companies to connect with a larger group of potential customers through a chat function. Until now, a company could limit itself to talking to existing customers, but we were convinced that this could be done differently. With Chatbanners, the possibility has been created to converse with everyone on the world wide web. This not only ensures that the ad has a large reach, but also that more conversations with potential and future customers are realized.

Using a banner ad with a chat function ensures that this group of prospects is actually reached. It does not matter whether your target group is on your own site or on the website of a publisher (for example Nu. nl or telegraaf. nl). Chatbanners, the initiative of LiveChat Service, is responding to the’ always online’ trend. Today’s society no longer wants to wait and expects answers to the questions they have. The chat banner ensures that the customer can reach you anytime, anywhere.

Chatbanners surpasses borders

With chat banners, advertisers get an optimal opportunity to start conversations in their own banner. A chat window in the banner attracts extra attention and gives the user an extra impulse to click on the ad and actually use the chat function. In this way, the chat meets people’s need to get in touch with a company quickly and directly. Because these chats take place in a banner and not on one’s own site, Chatbanners breaks the boundaries of its own domain. LiveChat does not only focus on existing customers, but also on everyone else outside the company. This way, you reach target groups that you may not have thought of at first, but which are very interested in your company or product. This personal and active invitation to conversation therefore also results in more sales and leads.

A big advantage of using chat banners is that as a company you don’t have to make as much effort to enter into the conversation. You no longer need to actively search for potential customers, but can assume that these customers come to you. As a result, you can focus on your most important work while the chat banner and our professional chat operators make sure that your customers online are taken care of. Want to know more about chat banners or formats? Then download our white paper.

Increase the CTR of your display campaigns with an integrated chat.

Increase the CTR of your display campaigns with an integrated chat.