Private clinics and livechat

The choice of a private clinic is primarily based on trust. You can give this trust as a private clinic by being clear and transparent, but this will not distinguish your clinic. What will really set you apart is establishing contact. With this, you can build trust and address the concerns of your website visitors.

Especially when it comes to treatments, many people are not comfortable calling and discussing their complaints. A chat is an accessible way to ask questions anonymously and get immediate answers.

Livechat provides conversions

The conversion rate from a visit to a contact is very high with live chat because of the anonymity, the speed of contact and the low threshold. In the case of private clinics, a conversion almost always represents scheduling an appointment.

Especially when you have a lot of information on your website, it can be difficult for the visitor to get answers to questions or to find the right information. This is incredibly annoying for both the company and the visitor. At times like this, live chat offers a solution. Here, many questions are asked about insurance or referrals from the doctor.

Livechat for private clinics