About LiveChat Service

Who are we?

LiveChat Service is an online service provider in the field of livechat, founded by Nick Blom in 2015. LiveChat Service helps companies and organizations get in touch with their potential customers. We take care of the contact with the website visitors of our customers. The chat gives visitors the opportunity to ask questions, make comments and report complaints. In this way, we bring businesses and customers closer together. For the website visitor we offer an opportunity to reach the desired final goal faster, and for the company an opportunity to get to know and help the customer better.

Our goal

Our goal is to help both companies and consumers through personal contact with website visitors. With this philosophy we have grown rapidly in more than two years and we now have a beautiful office in the heart of Rotterdam. At the beginning of 2017 we moved from Bodegraven to Rotterdam because the big city offers us better opportunities to grow as a company. With our motivated team we like to go for a beer (or another drink) on Fridays with our neighbours Biergarten and Annabel.


DDMA is the authority in the Netherlands in the field of data. Since we do thousands of chats every day through our chat service for a wide range of companies, collecting lots of data, we see membership at DDMA as a must.