English: What can LiveChat Service do for my company?

Accommodating visitors of your website is essential for its success. Conversion is not something that happens on its own. Your visitors have to find your site by themselves, of course, but you can also approach them proactively through a LiveChat feature.

LiveChat Service offers you the opportunity to convert visits to your website into solid leads or, in case of a webshop, support visitors with their purchase, 7 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm with a team of external “chatoperators”.

One of our customers that implemented an external LiveChat with success is Trendinvest (a division of Wijs & Van Oostveen Vermogensbeheer, one of the largest asset management companies in the Netherlands). If you are interested and visit their website, trendinvest.nl, you’ll be approached within 50 seconds by chatoperator “Mark” who will assist you with all your queries regarding investing in a trend. A LiveChat is an approachable way to come in contact with visitors of your website.

The questions that potential clients will ask the chatoperator, in this example “Mark”, are answered by a team of specialists that have been fully trained upfront and who follow a pre-determined script (Question and Answer lists). Complicated questions and/or questions that our staff cannot answer are noted down and are passed on to you, complete with an e-mail/phone number, for a personal response.

The goal of a LiveChat module is to answer the first basic questions of visitors and also to gather as much contact information or set as much appointments in your store as possible so you can contact the interested parties yourself.
A LiveChat feature is installed within 5 minutes by implementing a piece of code in the footer of your website.

Are you interested in converting visits to your website into leads? Contact Nick Blom of LiveChat Service, mobile: 06 – 1469 83 66.

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Livechat on your website or your emails helps potential
customers to convert to buying ones.